Saturday, October 24, 2009

Messy Eater and Other Food News

Alice loves to eat almost anything, but she doesn't always get it into her mouth...

Clyde is a kind of picky eater; this week he loves red meat and isn't as in to chili macaroni. The one thing he always loves? Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese (yah, I'm that kind of mom). I tried making it, but he wanted "the orange kind." Oh and yes, those are his jammies and that's lunch. What can I say, they're comfy and fashionable, so why put regular clothes on?

One of the guys that works with Ben gave us some venison (pictured) and some elk. So we've been enjoying that this week. I have to admit that I really don't find it appetizing until it's not recognizable.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A night with Mumsy...

We got dressed up and went to visit Mumsy. She said we were so pretty and so handsome. She really liked my cowboy boots. She gave me my cowboy shirt. Alice was so pretty. She even had a bow. Daddy says bows are for girls. Mommy and Daddy went away and we stayed at Mumsy's house all by ourselves. I got to look at my playhouse and play a big drum. We even got to take a bath and sleep at Mumsy's. She read me so many books! It was fun, but I was really happy when Mommy and Daddy came to get me the next morning.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Auntie Shelley's house...

Clyde and mommy built two houses today. Mommy designed the bottom one and Clyde directed the design on the top one -- it's for Auntie Shelley!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


We were all pretty excited to see the snow this morning, but I'm awfully sad about our two previously beautiful cottonwood trees. The leaves hadn't even turned yet, let alone fallen, and the super heavy snow just ripped them apart...

Clyde was pretty excited and helped build a snowman that his dad named Peanut Butter. Clyde didn't like that one bit, "It's not peanuh butteh, it's noman!"

Alice was a little less enthralled with the winter wonderland.

Since it's gotten colder, we're running the wood stove most the day. It's obviously somewhat of a hazard. Clyde gets it and stays away, but Alice didn't understand, so Ben and Clyde built a "gate" - it's not JPMA certified, but it's working!

"Maybe we're going on a date..."

Mumsy was coming for dinner and mommy put Alice in a dress and me in my tiger overalls and shirt. We looked good! Mommy told me I was so handsome and Baby looked pretty. I told her, "Maybe we're going on a date!" She was so surprised... she thinks I don't know about things, but I do....And this is my idea of a fun date... chainsaws and shovels...


Eggs and such...

We get eggs from the ranch and they can be all different colors. Sometimes they have yucky dirt and chicken poop on them.

Mommy made them into something yummy: