Sunday, October 12, 2008

Too busy...

Geez, there has been so much I wanted to tell everybody, but mom says she's busy so she can't help me punch the keys on her little machine that folds up. She can't be as busy as me. All she has to do is play with me and my sister.

There is so much I have to do every day. First I have to go into the kitchen and empty all the drawers. Then there is a cabinet with lots of plastic bowls that have tops and I have to empty that too, just in case something in there changed. I save my favorite cabinet for last because it has these silver things with handles that make lots of noise when you bang them. Then I go and see if mom left anything dangerous on the floor or anywhere I can reach. Sometimes she does and I just want to make sure she's doing her job! Then I go see where my baby sister is. Sometimes it's easy because I can hear her crying and I just follow that. My mom sure pays a lot of attention to that little girl. It's a good thing I can get her attention making noise in the kitchen and my room. I have a lot of toys and books that I play with. I really like books. I used to like to play in the toilet, but Mom yells at me and I have to sit in my crib, so I don't do that anymore (well, sometimes....).

Anyhow, there are some cool new photos below now that mom finally had time to help me. She tried to post a video of me, but she's having some trouble getting the new camera to talk to the new computer so maybe next time.

Baby sister is growing fast...

My baby sister, Alice (but sometimes Gertie), is growing fast. At first, she was so tiny. Here she is with some of the stuff Daddy grew in the garden:

She mostly slept all the time...
But, she started getting bigger. She started getting baths like me...

and looking around a little more...

She started stretching and really looking at you, not just into space.

Here she is all dressed up.

And here she is with her friend Marnie who's just a couple days older.

Marnie and her sisters, Riley and Mackenzie, came over. It was fun playing with them, but I wish there were some boys!!


Brrr.... brrr..... It got really cold really fast yesterday! Mom and I went outside because it was so crazy and there was white stuff everywhere. Even today on the radio they talked about how crazy it was!

Mom hopes we get a few more warm days before winter comes.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


We went to the zoo because they got some new animals and my dad (and Uncle Josh) made some cool benches to go with them. Here are the benches:

There were some cool elephants, but they didn't move, not even when I touched them:

You know what did move? The lion! When she saw me, she ran over and tried to give me a high five, but there was glass in the way. Mommy was kind of scared and Daddy was really surprised. They said that lion wanted to eat me! Another animal that moved pretty fast was the giraffe. It was scared of a squirrel and ran back to its barn. Here I am looking at the giraffe with my Auntie Shelley:

I like seeing all the animals and their nice new cages. There was even a little cage for me:

But I don't have to go to a zoo to see animals. Our neighbors got about thirty chickens. Mom thinks that's too many. Here they are, trying to come into our yard...

It took a week or so, but they finally figured it out:

Trips to the mountains...

I got to go up by the mountains to my Mumsy and my Grandpa Harry's a lot this September. Dad is working with my Grandpa now so sometimes we go stay at the ranch. It was colder up there. We went to mom's cousin David's wedding. It was really pretty, but I had to sit still for a long time. After, I was dancing with the girls. I was pretty popular! My Mumsy had a lot of her cousins come visit at Raspberry Ranch so we stayed with her for a whole week.

Mom and dad took me to a mountain lake for a picnic. I had fun climbing the rocks.

My Mumsy has lots of hats that I got to play with. Here I am in my own cowboy hat:

Lookin' pretty good, don't you think?

Here's one of the craziest hats I've seen. It had hair kind of like Mom's...

Mumsy has a special wooden horse that rocks for me and my cousin Elliott. I got right on and rode it. Mom was surprised, but I really got her when I started trick riding:

I was so good at that, they let me try the real thing and I loved it.

On another trip to McCall, Mom and I went to the lake. The first time we went there were lots of waves, but there weren't any this time. I just walked right into the lake, but Mom made me come out because it was too cold.

I really like going to the mountains.

People just love babies!

People must really like little babies. After we brought the baby home from the big brick building, a lot of people came to visit us, and a lot of them brought pink stuff. You wouldn't believe how many dresses and girl clothes my sister got. I'm so glad I'm a boy! We visited lots of people too, like my Great Granddad Hiatt:

We also went to see another new baby, my cousin Nora. She and Alice and almost exactly the same size. My cousin Opal is good at holding babies. Here she is with Alice:

I like visiting cousins. Their houses are fun. I got to play the piano at Aunt Julie's.

Babies are OK most the time, but boy can they be noisy:

I have my own baby that I take care of, but she's a lot quieter than my sister. Mom says I'm a very good big brother (except when I play too hard with Alice).