Thursday, March 26, 2009

Latest photos...

Mommy's camera got broken and the new one doesn't take such great photos, but here are the latest...

Clyde shower.

Mohawk (Clyde's new favorite hairstyle which he requests by name)...
Baby loves to roll:

Future construction worker...

(No shirt, two hammies and some pliers. Get this boy a job!)

Nighttime at our house....

Clyde sleep. Baby not so much....

A day in Clyde's life...

8:00 a.m.

Mommy, mommy, mommy...
(Enter Mommy)
Mommy... Poopy....

Wipe, wipe, Clyde wipe.

8:30 a.m.

(Clyde, do you want breakfast?)

Pizza, pizza
(I'll make you an egg pizza)
Egg pizza, egg pizza, milk
(Baby crying in background)

Baby, baby neenya.
(Enter baby (with Mommy))
Baby neenya crying. Baby cookie. Baby eat. Hammy, big daddy hammy.
(Eat your egg pizza Clyde)
Clyde pizza, egg pizza, baby cookie, milk. Hammy, big hammy, big hammy (crying and pointing to back door where we keep hammers). Mommy, hammy, big daddy hammy.
(You need to eat your egg pizza Clyde)
All done. All done. Big hammy. Mommy hug.
(OK, drink some more milk first).


(Did you drink all your milk?)

All gone.

(Let's clean your hands and face)

(Clyde is now clean and removed from highchair and headed for back door)

Big hammy, big daddy hammy.

(Clyde is now left alone with two big hammers while Mommy takes care of baby)
Hi-ya. Hammy, big hammy.
(Clyde leaves the hammers in the kitchen and comes upstairs)

9:15 a.m.
Baby poopy
(No Clyde, she's just wet)
Baby wet. Wag (rag - offering mommy a rag, thank you Clyde)
Clyde poopy
(Are you poopy Clyde?)
No. Baby poopy. Mommy, hammy, wah, wah, wah.... (extended crying)
(Clyde goes back into his room and starts to play)
Book. Mommy. Book. Mommy. Book.
(Clyde do you want to read a book?)
(You want to read Hop on Pop?)
No, Elmo. Elmo.
(OK let's read Elmo. Can baby read with us? (as we're all 3 getting situated on the couch))
No, Clyde book (then pushes his sister's foot away because it's just barely touching him)

All that by 9:30.... to be continued....

And here we were worried about speech development with his cleft palate!

We're growing up!

We are getting so big!! I can run and jump (yump) and my baby sister (Daddy calls her Gertie, Mommy calls her Alice and I call her Baby Neenya) can roll and roll. She can get anywhere like that. Here are some photos of us so you can catch up:

Baby neenya spoon.

Baby dress (Alice in her Mumsy and GrandNell's clothes).

Clyde, mummy (mumsy)

Clyde baby chair.

Baby (Mommy says that's real Belgian lace from Susan Meuleman and Alice is sitting with Susan's sister Ramona - aren't they pretty!?)

Clyde eye

Baby, hat (Clyde's hat made by cousin Maegen).

Clyde, baby, yiper.

Unka, unka.
(Uncle Richard and Uncle Jeremy made this hole into a cabinet for mommy's printer and now Clyde thinks uncle means hole...)

Baby (mommy says this is one of her favorites).

Clyde hammy, baby chair.

Apple, baby neenya apple, baby apple bite.

Train, Clyde train, my train (in other words, I don't remember saying I wanted to share my train, people!!!)

Big hammy, big daddy hammy, big hammy, owie...

Hammy! (Clyde can make a hammer out of anything!)

Clyde, hat (Future Boise Brave???)

Baby eat (Baby says geez mom, can't you tell I hate these?).

Baby neenya.

Clyde slide. (He also likes the "wing")