Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's all about the berries...

Today we went to Mumsy's and we picked huckleberries. The other day I went to the bone pile and picked huckleberries. Mommy and Daddy went rafting on the river and brought home huckleberries. I went to see my cousins at Warm Lake and picked huckleberries. Then we went there again and picked huckleberries. Tomorrow we're going to go pick huckleberries with Aunt Libby.

Today I saw so many huckleberries and I picked so many huckleberries but then there was only one in my bucket. Mommy said the rest were in my tummy. I like to pick huckleberries!

Mommy has tried twice now to show you pretty berry pictures and of course pictures of me, but something is not working.... more again soon!