Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!

We had a new friend in our back yard to start off the year. It was right outside our door!

Mom and dad are feeding me more and more different kinds of food. I love it! I really like my sweet potatoes, meat, and cereal. I got my own chair to eat at and I like to get food all over it!

I've been exploring. I can get almost anywhere I want just by rolling. This is my new hangout. It's just my size!

My friend, Olivia, and her mom came over one day when it snowed and our moms made this little man. It was so white outside I kept blinking and looking around. I got to touch the snow but I didn't really like it because it was cold. It was a fun day.

I hope all of you are having a good 2008 so far!

Merry Christmas!

We went and got a tree from the woods with Mumsy. It was fun! We got a little tree and I liked it, but I had no idea what was coming. We brought it home and mom decorated it. She has decorations with pictures of her from when she was little. She put one up with my picture too. We got another tree from the Festival of Trees. My Grandpa Harry got it for me. It has lots of stuffed polar bears and snowflakes. It 's very sparkly!

We went to Mumsy's for dinner. I had to get all dressed up. Mumsy made me a special hat to match my outfit. Everyone kept taking tons of pictures of me. I guess I'm pretty cute!

We got to rip paper off boxes and there were piles and piles of paper and boxes and different things. It was a pretty fun night! But the best thing of all was that I got to eat roast beef. I love roast beef!!

Grandma Rydalch's birthday

We had a party for Grandma Rydalch's birthday at my Aunt Kristen's house. Here I am with my Aunt Kara and Jack:

This is my cousin Rachel:

Grandma Rydalch brought her dad, my Great Grandad Hiatt, over to visit. We had a fun time.

Here we are, four generations!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Our house has been really busy. It sure smells good! Mom and Mumsy got me all dressed up so I knew something was going on.... Plus, mom had fixed the table up really fancy and someone came with flowers. It looked like this:

Aunt Catherine came. She is really funny. She was trying to steal a pie!

After smelling all that good food, all I got to eat was some mushy white stuff (potatoes). Yuck! They made me sick. Mom says that's no good for an Idaho boy! Maybe someday I'll like them.